Google/YouTube requests a photo of the user's ID to verify the age

What’s up with that? Is it even legal?

You should take care…maybe is phishing scam


In korea it requests your phone number btw you can use startpage or invidious to bypass verifing

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It’s actually Google. No phishing in this case.

I would try to just send them a picture from and see if they would accept it. Before doing so do a screenshot of the picture in question and save it somewhere because if they would accept it then you don’t want to end up later in a situation where you loose your password or whatever and to validate it’s you they ask a picture again to compare with the one they have on file. “thispersondoesnotexist” generates a new picture every time the page is refreshed.

Is it for some kind of payment? Like you are upgrading to Youtube Premium or Google Pay? At least that’s what I found when searching on Google.

In some countries To view adult stuff in google you have to verify your age with privacy invading way

They need an actual document, ID or credit card.

Apparently it’s related to an old European bill requiring age verification for mature content.
Problem is, YouTube is enforcing this recently through automated AI that flags random videos as 18+ only (let’s remember also that YouTube is not a platform for this stuff so it makes no sense in the first place).

So, you get a lot of videos (from Dragon Ball games to meme compilations, from random podcasts to anime clips, etc) flagged by bots as 18+ without human intervention and despite not containing any adult only content.

Like what the hell is that? To watch a phone review I have to send them my ID because their lazy and cheap corporate asses can’t put moderators and be consistent with the platform rules?

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Ive tried this with Facebook. They freak out and say no, I think partly because I scrub out all metadata with exiftool.

Yes, Facebook also requires me to show my real photo during the account signup. If they find out that I want to open more than one account, they will suspend my secound account.