Google vs. DuckDuckGo (video)

an interesting promotional video for DDG which provides detail on how gaagle manipulates results and therefore public opinion

Google vs. DuckDuckGo


I am always torn between Startpage and Duck Duck Go.From a privacy point of view, do you rate one better than the other?

i can’t offer a relevant opinion regarding privacy - what i can say is that i’ve been using Searx instances for quite a while and have been having problems with all of them, so i then i started using Startpage and have been very disappointed with the results (or lack thereof), so now i’m using DDG and the results seem to be much better

regarding privacy, DDG offers a ‘lite’ version (no JS, no cookies, no web storage) if you like…

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That’s interesting to know. thanks. I have to say I found Startpage results just fine. I also love the “anonymous view” link, as it’s all well and good DDG offering a non JS results page, but chances are you are gonna hit a page with JS on it one click later after searching! If not, then you probably have JS disabled in which case no need for lite version. Having said that, I occasionally use DDG purely for that nice slider switch at top to isolate results from one particular country, very handy that, especially for SEO work. :slight_smile:

how well Startpage works depends on what you’re searching for i guess - i got frustrated with it today trying to find alternative sources for deleted youtube videos where all i had was a URL - SP would return 0 or few results, DDG returned the results i needed to track down new sources

Ah i see, yes i do a fair bit of similar stuff, I wonder if DDG has access to Google Cached pages whereas SP doesnt? Which one uses Google results, DDG or SP?

pretty sure SP pulls from google - i keep a list here if interested…
Alternative Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy –

Startpage pays Google for access to their results, although I think that does mean they get slightly different results than on proper, but close enough.

DuckDuckGo gets their results from Yahoo and Bing, but also directly from sites with their Instant Answers.

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That makes sense, that must be why I chose SP, as I need Google results most of the time (unfortunately!)

i use google myself when i can’t find what i’m looking for elsewhere, either directly (but no JS) or indirectly - google owns youtube as i’m sure you know, but you can find YT videos that have been delisted on YT using google :slight_smile:

also, in addition to what Jonah said, DDG pulls results from its own crawler as well

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I remember you mentioning having problems with Searx recently. Wasn’t it that if you disabled all the major search engines like Google, Bing, etc., you wouldn’t get any results? I wonder if the same would happen with DuckDuckGo or Startpage.

If you use Invidious, you get the functionality of YT without the Google account part, or so I assume. The same is true of NewPipe - I suppose they’re “YouTube front ends.” The alternative would be to a use non-YouTube video sharing site, like PeerTube, I suppose.

yeah, when i disabled all but one of the engines with any Searx instance, no results were returned depending on what engine i configured it to use

i doubt it because those engines partner with the indexes they use

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and that’s where i’d like to see things headed in the future - not necessarily PeerTube, but any censorship resistant, distributed platform - BitChute seems to be at or near the top of the heap at the moment and they’re surely gonna pick up a lot of users as a result of the latest YT purge

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Correct, Startpage pays Google in some secret-ish agreement for access to their Search API, and DuckDuckGo does the same with Yahoo/Oath and Bing. Searx on the other hand just scrapes results from other search engines’ results pages.


Funny how the video is hosted on Google’s platform, (youtube) I would love to see videos like this hosted in Peertube out of Google’s control.