Google’s Chrome Becomes Web ‘Gatekeeper’ and Rivals Complain

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I personally regret Google ever starting in 1998, as a company.

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i agree - the only ? in my mind is whether Gaagle started off as an arm of the intel commu… oh, never mind

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Congrats Google on taking over 99% of the browser market share. Too bad though, since the web browser won’t even be a thing in 5 years after we all start using iOS apps instead. Apple will end Google someday. We just don’t know when.

I wouldn’t consider iOS to take over, since iOS is limited in what many developers would find irritating. The computer will still carry an important role. Now computers that get smaller but more powerful, that is what will happen.

I wouldn’t go that far. I would say we as society have the wrong incentives and political structures to keep people’s bad impulses in line.

Nah, iOS is not a thing outside of USA and parts of Europe. Even in the EU, people have a more flexible attitude around towards Apple-style products (for various reasons depending on the exact country).

who’s ‘we’? because i sure as heck am not about to jump on the Apple cart :slight_smile:

hoping that one mid-sized, proprietary, over-hyped corporation becomes the next monopoly is a not a good thing IMO - more effort needs to be put into open source hardware and firmware in order to free us from the Apples and the Googles of the wrold

True, open-source software may still be a thing, but it won’t be as popular as it is now and neither will privacy because it slows down your internet, and people want a fast internet. So they use Chrome with no extensions at all because they don’t even know what an extension is. People favor speed over privacy, and even if they know that Google and Apple are spying on them, they don’t care, because in their eyes, “Global mass surveillance is a way of life. You will always be spied on. You can’t escape it.” and “you can’t lose if you don’t try”.

Privacy isn’t important to most people because they have nothing to hide. They think “as long as they do nothing wrong, then nothing bad will happen to them.” That just gives us a bad name because it implies that we are doing wrong. That’s not true. Maybe someone needed some privacy because they didn’t want anyone to know that they watch MLP:FiM.

As long as there is some of us who care about privacy, we shouldn’t let apple or google take over our lives, but in 10 years, we might not have a choice.

Fun thing tho, firefox is faster the chrome on the vast majority of websites since the release of the quantum engine. also adblockers make your web experiences much more snappy as your browser will have to download way less stuff.

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Firefox can be trusted right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to spy on us in the future (they probably are already spying on us, but at least we can disable most of it). Then we’ll have to use clone browsers like Waterfox and Pale Moon that are less supported and slower to update, meaning we won’t have a secure browsing experience.

I do like the new Firefox, since it updated the user interface to make it look much better than the old one that wasn’t as good. Some people complain that the new Firefox removed support for legacy extensions and they can’t customize their browser anymore (as a result many of these users left for Waterfox). First off, Firefox can still be customized like it once was (it’s just much harder now) and second, some essential extensions such as Multi-Account containers now work only on Firefox and not on older clone browsers.

waterfox okay, but for the love of god dont ever recommend palemoon.
It is inherently insecure and maintained my an incompetent developer who is ignorant towards security.

you’re implying that FOSS is in decline and though i don’t have the numbers, i STRONGLY suspect that isn’t the case at all - i see FOSS as the future all around, including in distributed applications, such as search engines

there are apparently 36 million developers on GitHub alone and they work on some of the most popular software projects on the planet - even Microsoft, the utterly unethical piece of garbage it is, is beginning to embrace open source software, possibly because they see it as the future also, or perhaps because they have no choice since FOSS applications are becoming so popular - Android is open source and it is by far the most popular mobile OS - Linux is everywhere; phones, routers, critical infrastructure, web servers, desktops, tablets, watches, all kinds of embedded hardware, etc. - Chromium is open source and apparently MS’s browser is based on that, as are several others

Of course people will continue to complain about not being able to use the old XPCOM/XUL extensions. Then they demand that their installation of Firefox ESR 52 be supported when they have an issue.

It’s hilarious to see people say they’ll switch to Pale Moon, because of a change they don’t agree with.

Mozilla has done some incredibly stupid things in the past several years, including spying on user activity … don’t get me wrong, i advocate using Firefox (official only, not PM, Waterfox, etc.) because it’s so open to customization, but as a company i have zero respect for the multi-billion dollar Mozilla Foundation - if you wanna read my rant… The Mozilla Monster

What people often forget is that dropping XUL should have happend long ago. XUL extensions give a dangerously deep reach into the browser, and are ery hard to contain, where this is much easier with web extensions. also because they reach so deep, almost every update could randomly break them, greatly stalling firefox’s overall progress as a browser.

i certainly don’t disagree, but it was a heck of a shock to many users, including myself - a shock which perhaps could’ve been avoided had Mozilla addressed it a decade or so earlier before AMO became flooded with add-ons - they pissed of a lot more developers and users than need be i think

but i think the move to the WE API may have been driven by the desire to compete with Chrome as well, which i suspect resulted in more backlash

so while it was apparently the right thing to do, they did it the wrong way i think

Are you familiar with Marzipan? I obviously don’t know the future, but I’m predicting big things are coming to both macOS and iOS next week at WWDC, and iOS code optimized for macOS could be an Electron killer in the Apple universe…

Don’t forget to add basilisk too, since it’s from the same lead developer.

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Somewhat unrelatedly there is Syncplay which does the same thing as this new browser wanted to do, except that I don’t think it supports DRMed material. It does support YouTube as the media players support it.