Google Photos Alternative

Looking around for some Google photos alternatives that really work.

I have played with:, piwigo, blockstack apps, SmugMug. Haven’t found anything really good yet.

Other ideas?


You can try Cryptee for encrypted photos and documents. It’s a service focused on privacy and security. It has improved a lot since launch last year and the developer is very active in the project and replying, so feel free to reach out and report any bugs or features you’d like to have in the future.

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Interesting, but is it safe even if it uses cloudflare?

I tried Cyptee and like where they are going, but the interface seems a little bland at this point and I couldn’t find an easy way to upload photos from android.


All data is encrypted client-side and is fully open source, however I don’t think they’ve been audited by an independent 3rd party yet. This also bothers me a bit, and the fact that it’s hosted using Google’s Firebase… I personally trust it but for now mainly as a backup, ie: all pictures I’m storing there are already “within Google’s reach” so I don’t really worry if they are compromised.

That said this is a really young project but very actively developed from which I expect good things from here on. I strongly recommend you to contact the developer directly and ask about it, he’s very responsive and you can tell from his replies is really passionate about the project.


I guess every app will have its own learning curve, but once you learn you should be able to get use to it easily. However it’s true that upload pictures from my desktop as I do some editing on them anyway, and because sometimes the upload would stop halfway for no reason. I haven’t tried it much since to upload, but I do use it to view pictures I have already uploaded.

I’m also looking forward to use Pixelfed, looks more like Instagram alternative but maybe it will serve you so keep an eye on how it goes. This looks like a nice list of possible alternatives (that I haven’t used).

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