Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history


google delete your files, yes sure :rofl:

Has anyone found those buttons and could tell me where they are? I got lost to settings without finding them either on Google My Activity or Android Settings --> Google. I wonder if the problem is that I am using them in Finnish.

I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a Google account, but you could always switch back and forth between english and finnish to see if you can find it. Maybe the option is still restricted to certain countries?


I wish this was the actual case ;/

I found the button today after changing my phone to English. The feature is only available for app & web activity, not location history, so all stories about it are misleading.

To me it seems that the original announcements hints that everything is going to have its separate autodelete option and changing Web & App activity won’t change location activity that doesn’t exist at this time.

I had to reload this GIF a few times and see what exactly is being done, I had that app & web activity disabled, so the button wasn’t even offered to me, but after enabling it I was able to set autodelete to 3 months and it seems to be remembered across pausings.

I also found this tweet from a month ago, but obviously I am not part of for whom it has been rolled out for.

I am using Google’s Trusted Contacts for peace of mind as I have gotten harassed and felt insecure at times and at times Maps Location Sharing and with them, the three months auto delete seems to be the least bad offer I could get.

I am aware of only three solutions to replace them, but it’s difficult to get people to some other platform than Google, especially if one doesn’t have direct connection to them anymore.

I think there would be a market spot for privacy friendly not-<tech giant> emergency/location sharing apps.

perhaps search for parent-children trackers, there has to be something that respects privacy due to laws protecting that info. There may also be good (and private outside shared circle) designed for hikers, bicyclers, backpackers, etc.

In light of the new Google scandal I have took another look and the option to autoremove location history still hasn’t appeared two weeks later.