Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer

I know They are both privacy nightmares but if i am forced to use one which one should i use for privacy?

Use Chrome. IE is (also) nightmare for security


Chromium should be better, but really isnt.

Also, you have to clarify: Do you mean Edge, the new IE successor or Internet Explorer … uh… 11? Was IE 11 the last one?

I mean Internet Explorer latest version

I would only use IE when absolutely necessary, that is, when a site does not work properly with other browsers (such sites are surprisingly common in enterprise environments).

Otherwise, use any other browser.

Yes these enterprises are horrible, most of them from governments. A lot of them are still not on the HTTPS bandwagon

AFAIK, the latest Microsoft Edge web browser comes with a compatibility feature simulating the IE for websites that don’t run properly in modern web browsers. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a reason to use the IE anymore.

Keep in mind that the latest version of IE lacks many modern security features. For instance, the IE doesn’t understand most of the current HTTP response headers that tell your client how to handle a web application securely.