Good VPNs with free monthly transfer (even small)

I am looking for good VPNs (or partially good - than please comment) which has paid version but also have free version (easy to sign up).
It does not matter if it is slow or has e.g. 0.5 Gb per month.
I know a couple, but need more.

Which do you know? Do you only need a random VPN provider or servers in specific countries?

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protonvpn, windscribe ?

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I think ProtonVPN is the only one listed as a recommendation on the site.

There is also Cloudflare’s WARP if you don’t need privacy from the websites you use.

I would recommend configering it with official wireguard client

WIndscribe, Speedify

How many free megabytes?
About Coudflares - what does it mean I dont need privacy form websites I use. What will they see?

If a website is using cloudflare they will see your real ip address

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