Good Mail client for PC and/or smartphones?

I can’t find any good mail clients, at least to my standards.

Considering that privacy isn’t the strong suit of mails (unless using very specific features and services that few people have), I’d be fine with mail clients that have a decent modern UI and good features even if they aren’t the best for privacy (so long as they aren’t a security concern, like Spark storing mails and passwords in their servers…).

What do you suggest?

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People don’t use 3rd party mail clients anymore, so there is no need to develop/maintain them. Outlook is still used by business/enterprise users. And that’s it. Everything else is webmail or Apple/Google mail apps.

I use Thunderbird on Windows (even at work, it’s better than Outlook IMO) and KMail on Linux. Some people are suggesting The Bat! or eM client, but I don’t like proprietary software if there is good FOSS alternative. And none of them works on Linux

On Android I use FairEmail (Pro) and K-9 Mail (beta version from F-droid). Both work great for me. Any other Android app is awful (ads and trackers)


The point of clients is that one can receive push notifications and handle multiple mails at the same without logging off and on for the same service. Could it really be the case that mail clients are being abandoned?


Not on mobile devices. There are hundreds of them in playstore. The point is - none of them is good enough when it comes to privacy.

If you use e.g. Tutanota or Protonmail, their clients are good. But if you use some other provider and need IMAP set-up, you don’t have much choice. FairEmail and K-9 Mail supports multiple accounts and notifications, so I would advise you to check those first


Evolution is treating me well on Linux.

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My + 1 for Thunderbird on PC. On smartphone if you have iPhone stick with Mail native app, if you need PGP then Canary Mail (closed source) is the way to go.

On linux I started using webpin and put my main email login in there, I haven’t tried if I can do multiple containers with different accounts though.

I use Mailbox, and can therefore link the inboxes in their Webmail Platform (OpenExchange).

But because I have to manage multiple different mail addresses for work I would be interested in a solution.

Sadly thunderbird just isn’t good enough for me. It just makes email more work then it has to be, and maybe if I invest more time I can learn how thunderbird wants me to use it, but everyone else just agreed on a system and I don’t have to learn anything.

One tip for OpenExchange based web clients, I always change the way emails are presented to “conversation”. This helps with finding what mails belong together.