Gnu icecat and librefox are more secure than firefox

This should be updated.

If you want it to be updated on privacytools you can go to privacytools github and ask them to update it

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You should provide some information to back your claims. For example GNU Icecat latest release is from 2019, so while you may like it’s privacy features it’s certainly lagging behind security updates.


I think that’s the same time Debian Buster was released so no surprise on the cadence of update there. Is there a “bleeding edge/development channel” or a “rolling” version of IceCat? Maybe there are more recent version out there?

No, the latest version is 78.7.0, released today. See

And yeah, “more secure” requires a defined threat model. Without it, there is no such thing as “more or less secure.”

Interesting that there’s no mention of this on the GNU website, although the latest packages in Chocolatey seem to be authored by Mark H. Weaver (one of the original maintainers). I’ve heard about Chocolatey before but never cared much about it, is it only available for Windows or could I use it also on Linux systems?

@hauntsanctuary I think this answers our question. I didn’t see anything that indicates it’s a development release or similar but updates are quite often according to the release history.

It is a script for Firefox, it can be used to make a build as new as you want it.