Gmail tracks all your purchases, it is difficult to delete them and impossible to stop (via Ghacks)

It makes sense that Google would track all your purchases via email data, but I didn’t know they did it in a formalized manner.

Below is a screenshot from the author’s “My Purchases” page:

Mine goes all the way to ~2014. I’ve been slowly moving away from my old Gmail account (still use it for many things though), but the pruchase data is already there and the only way to remove it is to delete the source emails.

This is so sketchy. There is no good reason for a random company to have a store of all your purchases that include email interactions.


Surprised people didnt know about this already :frowning:
Was one of the many reasons I stopped using their scummy products

when it’s “free”, you’re the product

there’s only 1 free, no ads email service i’m aware of that focuses on privacy and that’s - they also offer other interesting services - i’ve had trouble with them in the past in that Yahoo (i think it was) blacklisted riseup’s mail server, so i couldn’t send to yahoo customers

personally i use runbox … by the way, Lavabit opened its doors again if anyone is interested - old news, but i thought i’d mention it

g-suite account seems to be “immune”, i haven’t found any purchase history on my old g-suite account.

i can’t +1 this enough


Look at the model and functionality of Gmail – historically targeted advertising (for their free service, not gSuite by default), and all kinds of ‘features’ to simplify the lives of the non-technical user base. I think the main concern here is what they’re doing with this data for free account holders. And while there are many articles with misleading titles sipping the haterade, I’ve yet to see any proof pii is shared by default even on consumer accounts. And I must also say, I’m not advocating for Google being a completely trustworthy provider, but have to state the obvious - if you’re concerned about your privacy, use a well-known/trustworthy firm, or just run your own setup altogether.

I didn’t order shit, because I don’t use Google.

Or did I…

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I am in the process to transitioning to multiple protonmail accounts. I honestly should have known better and not been surprised by this.

However, the majority of people will not use protonmail or alternatives and chances are Google is going to be scanning all your info even if you have an alternative email provider.

However, there is something to be said about transparency requirements. When you sign up for Gmail, nowhere do they say that they are going to be creating a KGB-like dossier on your life that they have ownership of in perpetuity.

I don’t think they are currently sharing PII, but they are an American corporation that has no functional or legal restrictions on its behaviour. It’s not unreasonable to assume they will change their TOS and openly share PII with 3rd parties if the management thinks it a good idea.

I personally don’t think using privacy-orientated services alone is a real solution to digital privacy. To make true changes in the digital privacy landscape, we will need much broader changes. At even if you are “in the know” on privacy best practices, chances are the major companies have info on you through alternative means.


if you’d asked me what i thought about it 5+ years ago, i wouldn’t have had much if anything good to say, but i’ve since learned that, apparently, the original definition was something like ‘a well functioning society absent government’

i see a lot of people that gravitated to anarchism as i have - it seems that once you dig down the rabbit hole deep enough, it’s a natural place to wind up and it is not an ‘everyone for themselves’ philosophy like i had thought - it’s all about personal responsibility

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Not true, cause with FOSS, you arent and its free
Also you can pay for you product and still be the “product” EG Windows
Need to change that statement otherwise people wont use FOSS :confused:

…and what companies have on you is likely the least of your worries. agencies are the larger concern.

also i’d recommend not buying into the privacy hype behind proton. their marketing strategy is spot-on.

then again people bragging about their secure email service makes me laugh. it’s all plain text unless you’re the sole holder of your private key anyway.

I don’t really use proton as a source of secure communications. My reason for using proton is to share less data with Google. It helps that their UI is relatively decent (I also tried mailfence, which had a very 2000s era UI).

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The privacy subreddit has reports that they track purchase info even if you’re G Suite user:

If you’re a G Suite user and go to the Purchases tab in my account they don’t show anything here (so you think they don’t gather this data for G Suite users).
But when you use their Google Takeout service and export the ‘Purchases & Reservations’ you will see all of your purchases in JSON format that they did gather from your G Suite mail account.
So even if you’re paying Google to not scan your emails, they still do.

if you use G Suite and can confirm this, let us know! I am not at all surprised and I don’t doubt the reddit poster; but more info is always good. :slight_smile:

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i just checked and today i can see my old purchases directly on the page, without export in json format.

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