GitHub, Transparency & Privacy

Ah that explains things like blatant issue closing on some Github repos.

I’ve really really become distressed about Github’s lack of openness lately.


Alot of developers and users are moving to GitLab. Manjaro Linux for example.
GitHub is now owned by Microsoft.
The Add-on Decentraleyes has moved to another site:


Hey @LWFlouisa @anaemic - Do you think GitHub should be added to the r/privacy wiki list of companies “selling out”? I wasn’t sure if most users considered GitHub a “privacy” option prior to the sale. Certainly, it isn’t a good option for privacy today.

If you know of any other privacy services that should be added to that list, please let me know. Thanks!


I am not sure if I would consider any git host as a privacy service either as the author names and email addresses are stored forever (and history cannot be changed without breaking all clones/forks of the repository).

Also while GitHub is owned by Microsoft, is more private while it’s still hosted on Google? Same link also shows that moving there to avoid GitHub observing US export restrictions won’t work either.

I am trying to refrain from complaining about this and this as they have nothing to do with this isssue.

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TBH if you are not using Gittea at least, I don’t see the point, GitLab notifications system is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t exist, literally. Do you want to know if someone replied to you? Go to your e-mail to know about it, or fuck yourself! It gets your inbox full of spam.
Also if you are using Tor some times you need to complete a captcha in order to LOG IN, not even GitHub does that.


i not get it sorry. do you mean that github is bad for privacy ? if so then maybe you are right let me tell you why because it used by developers and developers more aware of their privacy more than normal user (no offense) also because github still independent (well, as what’sapp in past until FB got it all) so github can actually do whatever they want because it still github and if you mean that developers make their repo private then gitlab offer it too so i not see anything bad about that.

I think it is fine for Privacy Tools to use GitHub. uBlock Origin Add-on still uses GitHub and I trust that Add-on more than any other.
I suppose some users leave GitHub because of their dislike of Microsoft. I don’t see any reason for Privacy Tools to leave GitHub.

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I can think of a few reasons to leave GH, but I don’t know if there’s a better alternative that doesn’t lack functionality, like a fucking notification button.


Yea that seems like a really good idea to me. It seems like they’ve just their overall direction from when I had first used it. I mean the shell of the open source developer hub is still present, but a lot of the community that used to be present has gone by the wayside, and no longer seems to be about openness.

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Let me clarify – so you think Github should be on the “privacy selling out” list? Thanks!

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Ah yes I thought it should be on the selling out list.


Thanks! I’ll suggest adding it to that list.

I wondered about this a few weeks ago, refrained from asking until after the topic was split.

Can you offer a couple of examples where closure lacked transparency?

Just the links – thanks.

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Yea I’ll need to look back and see.

This is one example:

Others were borderline cases, where it took others confirming my bad experience with telegram for any kind of action to be taken.

I’m not exactly sure why this one was closed: The story behind that was that I was trying to mention how my account information kept being deleted every time I shut down.

These are the main ones that come to mind. The others were closed because my specific issue was resolved.

I see two closures by humans. First:

– and second, the positive response to

Both closures appear proper to me. What might I be missing?

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It’s the fact that they wouldn’t even listen when people kept saying their platform kept crashing. For me telegram is practically unuseable sometimes. I mean even if the cryptography sucks, I still might use it, if it didn’t crash every five minutes.