Ghost - Thoughts or Alternatives

Anyone have any thoughts or information about and using on own server as opposed to WordPress. I need the ability to host static pages too, not just blog posts, so need something a little more than, unless I am missing the ability to self-host and create more of a website type structure with a blog too. All help is greatly appreciated.

I use Ghost on my older blog and it works fine. I also use WordPress a lot and that works fine as well. It just depends on what you want: Ghost is more of a Medium type blogging CMS and WordPress is a lot more advanced, because it’s morphed into an all-in-one solution for your website, you can do pretty much anything with Wordpress. self hosted is and we host it at

As far as WriteFreely goes, you could always have your static website at and then put your WriteFreely install at, or maybe and get both. WriteFreely isn’t nearly as advanced as Ghost or WordPress but if you want to support the federated ecosystem it’s a good platform. WriteFreely doesn’t support multiple authors, so keep that in mind.

Edit: I don’t think you can install Fediverse applications in a subdirectory at the moment very well.


another alternative is jekyll

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I also love Jekyll, I have heard that there are nowadays more modern alternatives that may be easier to use, but I haven’t had desire of moving away from it. I am using it with

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there is also hugo, which is a lot like jekyll, but written in go. i’ve installed but not done much more than generate a site so far.

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