Ghacks: A closer look at Firefox's Tracking Protection feature

A closer look at Firefox’s Tracking Protection feature

the article discusses briefly how tracking protection works - my personal tl;dr opinion is this…

FF uses 3rd party lists from Disconnect which are very anemic and biased - those familiar with uBlock O and understand how uBO can break site functionality, and how to fix that, are far better off disabling FF tracking protection and subscribing to the anti-tracking and anti-ad filter lists in uBO

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Disconnect is a terrible filter.

Last I checked the malware list had like 1 entry in it.

Literally 1 :laughing: :smile: :rofl:

Anyway, Steven Black’s lists are pretty good imo…

Which brings up the topic of disconnect.

They really should focus on 1 thing and do it right.

Right now they have like a search engine nobody uses, an add-on nobody uses, and some filter lists that are about 50% useless.