Generating Random Usernames

One of the problems I’d run into recently with my data breach experience is that I had used the same usernames across multiple accounts, and the attackers found it easy to connect the different ones together. Since then, I’ve found a few ways to generate “random” usernames.

I either use Diceware (like with the passwords), or I’ve found a bunch of “nonsense word generators” or “username generators” that work pretty well. One of the ones I like is this one: nonsense word generator; this one works well too: What do you all think of that as an option?

Again, the main issue is remembering them all!

The main issue is remembering them all

Not an issue at all. Just save them in your password manager. (You do have a password manager ? right ? right ?..)

Your password manager (say, Kee Pass) can also generate those user names for you. Just use the Generate Password feature. Or Generate Password List.

If you want realistic-sounding names, add the Readable Passphrase plugin to Kee Pass.


Yes, I just started using KeePass! Initially I wasn’t accustomed to it, so there was a little learning curve.

I have a good website to share here: