Gboard alternative with those features?

I’m looking for a better Android keyboard. Currently I use Gboard with NetGuard turning off internet connection for the app. Maybe there’s a degoogled Gboard release somewhere?

I tried AnySoftKeyboard. What I don’t like is:

  • capital letter at the start of a phrase doesn’t seem to work
  • it keeps to occasionally “correct” words, even when auto-corrector’s options have all been disabled
  • lacks some fine tuning options, like keyboard height
  • doesn’t have that many features
  • F-Droid releases seem to be messed up; there’s no “base app” but only language packs (and no English pack), and the download button on their website bring to F-Droid Bulgarian or Sardinian language packs; I had to download the apk from Github

What I need in an Android keyboard are:

  • capital letter at the start of a phrase
  • adjustable height
  • I find swipe typing to be annoying; I disable that whenever I try a new keyboard
  • mild and/or adjustable vibration feedback when typing
  • no excessive animations/options to tone them down
  • multilingual support (ideally it should suggest both languages in a bilingual setting, like Gboard)
  • option to disable automatic dictionary learning
  • clipboard history with pinning

I went through the same search, over a year ago. I’ll share what I remember.

But I did end up landing on AnySoftKeyboard, henceforth ASK. Unclear how much time you already invested into ASK. Can confirm that ASK will check off the following items that you’re seeking.

:white_check_mark: do you mean capital letter after a period(.)? If so, I’m not able to say why that’s not working. It works fine for me.
:white_check_mark: no excessive animations
:white_check_mark: multilingual support. can confirm works well with English and Swedish/Finnish.
:white_check_mark: option to disable automatic dictionary learning
:white_check_mark: no swipe

Can’t speak for the rest of the points. I either don’t use it (like, I don’t use vibration and I believe I’ve disabled from OS) or can’t recall. I’m also not experiencing the issues you are like ASK correcting words even though I have also disabled corrections.

Yes, the releases on Fdroid seem messed up. I installed the base app fine, and it works fine. Fdroid tells me that I have the Swedish Language Pack installed (that’s correct). But Fdroid also tells me that I have “Belarusian for ASK” installed (I don’t). Fdroid is showing this pack as installed to represent the base app. Fdroid displays a random language pack instead of the base app as installed. I don’t know what causes this substitution, nor why it changes.

Yes, ASK isn’t easy to configure. I kept tweaking little things during first few days of using it. After that, haven’t touched the config.

Part of actually sticking past ASK’s friction is that the choices are limited. Some newer keyboards exist but I preferred something older that checked off other feature requirements for me. I’m personally happy I stuck with it.

What about open board??
Don’t like AnySoftKeyboard.
This seems better.

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I thought I made very clear the distinction between ASK issues/things I don’t like, and the list of features I want in a keyboard (not necessarily lacking in ASK, those are 2 distinct lists). I know ASK has some of those, like disabling swipe typing, multilingual support etc, because I used it.

I had to download the Github release to make ASK work, and still I met the issues of the first list. If it requires a vague “installing the right packages” and “configuring the right things”, then I guess it doesn’t belong in my phone, because it’s a half-broken software. I’m not sure what else should I do other than disabling auto-corrector, to stop it. Or making automatic capital letters work. Plus it doesn’t have the bilingual suggestion system that keyboards like Gboad have; it’s very convenient.

You can try OpenBoard. It has most of the features you mentioned to need.

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