Fruux alternative

So I’m currently using fruux, I’ve used them for 2+ years (I think?) and it has gone well. However, I don’t believe they are zero access/knowledge if I am correct. I’m wondering if there is a free service that allows carddav/caldav in that respect?

Ive used Nextcloud and EteSync for both. Theyre both good but I find EteSync runs smoother. Its a paid service though. Running an etesync client on linux requires you to manually download their binaries or compile them yourself.

there is nothing is zero access. I hear you say what about tutanota or signal, they are good and encrypts data but at anytime they can be evil so only safe way is self-hosting and/or use calender from protonmail/tuanota but for myself i use fruux and they seem good for me.

+1 for EteSync. It’s end-to-end-encrypted, it can sync tasks too btw. It took me some time to get it setup, but now that it is, it runs smoothly. I really like it, and recommend it! (I like the sharing features too, that’s come in handy!) :+1:

I also considered EteSync and Fruxx, but I’m still using Nextcloud (hosted) for contacts and calendar sync.
In my opinion, the problem with contacts is that you can not control how others are storing your info. I suppose all my friends have my name, phone number, email probably, birth date… synced to their Google, Facebook, Apple… accounts. So what’s the point of me using E2EE for address book.

Regarding calendars, it might be ok, depending on users activities.

I use Davx5 which is free in F-Droid. it is carddav/caldav app which is more recent than fruux. it is not zero knowledge proof, but you can have self hosted nextcloud or nextcloud on encrypted VPS or use some free services that respect privacy (like disroot or woelkli).
the only zero knowledge proof service that I know is EteSync which is forked from Davx5.