friGate plugin suspicious

Yesterday, I was testing out a browser plugin on Chromium called friGate (without intending to keep it installed). Sometimes I test out different apps and browsers just to review them. Essentially, it’s a proxy app that allows you to access blocked sites; for instance, if Netflix is censored in your country, you would be able to access it with this plugin.

Here’s the weird part: not long after installing it, I looked at my Google search history (yes, I still use Google occasionally!), and noticed that there were entries in the history that I hadn’t searched for. This struck me as extremely odd! I do realize that with my recent brush with identity theft, it could’ve been related to that as well, but the timing of this seemed to be more than a coincidence.

My question is - does anyone else have experience or know anything about this plugin? It seems to be based out of Russia, and not to knock Russia, but they haven’t had the best reputation as of late! Anyway, I know that you can access blocked websites with Tor and other software as well.

I lazily asked my Russian friend about it (without looking into it by myself) and I got the impression it’s practically Russian Hola (or was it Hula) and thus by installing it you work as a open proxy. Their privacy policy also doesn’t look that great.

edit: the friend hadn’t looked at it for more than 5 minutes.

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Ah, that makes sense then! I guess another user could’ve been using the same proxy, and thus their search history would show up on my browser? Best guess.