Freelancing site | So much Tracker Detected!

Hi There,
I’m a freelancer on Fiverr. I always on online in Fiverr site.
But Whenever I log in through my Firefox browser It’s a noticeable fact that, The add blocker detect horrible number of adds, or unnecessary content. Here is a snap of one of my page.

My Question is:

  1. Is it good or bad to use ad blocker on freelancing site and is it take any negative impression on my profile?

  2. Should I disable those ad Blockers like uBlock Origin, Disconnect, Privacy Possum on those site like Fiverr, Upwork?

  3. One more thing, I use Bitwarden for my password. Is it will be good to use this extension on Tor browser?

Please, Help!!

I’m not really sure on how the web site works, but I don’t think that can create some sort of identifier for other users within Fiverr to see. If I were you, I would block the hell outta them.

Same as before.

You should not add any extension to Tor. The only settings you have to modify are the security settings (From Safe-Safer-Safest), if you want to use a bridge, and if you want to change the default search engine. You can add bookmarks, though.


Yessssssss, because it blocks trackers

No, its client side blocking so no one will know you use it (except if they have adblock detector but even if they have they can not harm you, never saw website hurt people for using adblocker!)

No, just block everything then keep unblocking with test until you get to make website works fine but same time block other trackers

All says do not play in tor settings and i do not know it will impact your security or not but i would say no do not do it

dude i hate my grammar :joy: