Free and secure alternatives to Multcloud?

I want to transfer files across platforms using a safe and private way.

*I can’t pay for anything now, so it should be a free alternative.

Use a private mail service like tutanota

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Could you explain? What is the relation between remote upload across platforms and private email?

Send a mail to yourself with a file you want to share with other devices then login to your account in the device you want to get the file then download them

Would Tresorit Send help you?

Or you want to move files from e.g. Dropbox to OneDrive? In that case, you need to download them to local device and upload them to another service. No other free, private and secure solution to do this exists

What about using an usb key ? It’s safe (it’s yours, you keep it on you), it’s private (you don’t send anything to “the cloud”). If you want to move files from/to mobile devices nowadays you have a lot of USB keys wich comes with USB-C, some of them even have Lightning (for iPhones) and USB at the other end so you can plug it to any computer too. I know you asked for a free solution and that type of option may require to buy an USB key but it would be a great investment and they are very cheap now (the 1st usb key I bought in my life had 1Go !!! That was unheard of, so many data !!! And it costed me hundreds of dollars. Now for same price I can buy many keys each having terabytes of data).

You may object that having to carry an USB key and having to plug it, transfer to it, unplug it, plug it to the other computer it doesn’t connect, turn it upside down it still doesn’t connect, turn it again and it finally connects making you wonder why it didn’t enter the 1st time ? then transfer from it, unplug it is “inconvenient”. Yes it is. But personally I like this option more than having my personal files in some cloud. Even if I trust the cloud provider and if I encrypt my files, what about if the cloud provider servers goes down when I absolutely need to access my files ? What about if my internet goes down ? What about if I loose access to this cloud for x reason (account deactivated, password lost etc. ) ? At least with an usb key on my house keys keychain I know I always have that on me and can access it everywhere where I see an usb or usb-c port (that’s for the theory. In practice I try to avoid to connect personal device to a public computer).

EDIT : have a look to the answer from @PolarOutpost just next to my post. It brings very important and interesting points regarding USB concerns and why it may not be advised to use that as the best option.

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Sorry if this comes off as nitpicking, in advance. (Seriously, sorry.) USB is not safe, it may be the lower risk activity compared to something else. Since the BadUSB event in 2014, there’s been a fairly steady stream of USB-based vulnerabilities up to and including this year with e.g. Apple’s Thunderbold and T2 chip. While some threats have been mitigated, USB presents a lot of attack surface and will continue to.

There’s currently no site that will advise what USB devices have been vetted and which ones haven’t; new parts replace existing inventory all the time. At best you can run a whitelist of what USB devices will work, but it’s probably still possible to have firmware which fakes readouts to bypass whitelists. This is unfortunately just the way it is. I’ve had to counsel people to boot into Tails, knowing full well that they have to somehow hope that they don’t have malicious firmware in whatever USB device they’re using for Tails.

Otherwise some level of trust in your USB devices is probably an okay suggestion, with the understanding that if you were compromised by USB attack, it’s very likely you wouldn’t know about it, and the attack itself is also unlikely to be detectable from an OS point of view.

Had forgotten about that. Time flies ! But I have to admit you are totally right on everything. My fault, I assumed the level of “safe” op was talking about was similar to mine and didn’t thought much more about the USB question. But of course if op is seeking more serious “safeness” then my suggestion was totally inappropriate.

Thanks for the addition, it’s not nitpicking at all :slight_smile:


If I understand you correctly, you can use

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