Found another app ( which I think is kinda similar to Signal)

What are your opinions about this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s not open-source, no 3rd party audits, available only on iOS and Android (via play store)… so I don’t see the reason to use it, even though it might be ok


I agree .

oooo thanks for sharing :slight_smile: i like knowing about this.

if anyone is curious about opinions; um…idk. they don’t have a scary privacy policy or scary terms of usage. their website (which could be diff from the app tho) is hosted on a Swiss server…

This thing is like a pandoras box lols. my personal feelings is just ‘i dont know about this either way’ lul. hm… I don’t see anything wrong . meh. they say theyre planning a desktop version in 2021 sometime

One thing tho - I wish they made this P2P. that would be super lovely. I might keep an eye on this app for a while

The only other issue is: Are they spying on their users somehow . the answer is idk