Forum Theme (Poll)

Just curious, what color scheme do you guys prefer? Please vote! (To preview, it’s best to open the links below in a new tab or private tab).

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Compute
  • Black

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Dark (current default)




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I didn’t know there was a black theme. until now I’ve used the dark one but will for sure use the black one from now on

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The correct answer is to light/dark according to prefers-color-scheme. I really wish more sites used that.

I really hope prefers-contrast becomes a thing too. There are some blind people that need special high contrast themes like this one, fortunately GTK now has a “HighContrastInverse” theme for those people.

With the absence of that I would probably default to light theme based on this and other research seems to confirm that. That being said, I do personally like dark themes, but I wouldn’t make them default.

As for the compute theme [1], [2] please do not pick that. It’s revolting.

Also I saw this earlier today Dark Mode vs. Light Mode: Which Is Better? comments HN.


I prefer Light as the default, and letting me pick another theme if I so desire to choose one.

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Do you know if this applies also to different times of the day? For example, maybe a light background can damage your sight during the night.

It’s not so much as to what time of day it is, but rather background light.

Realistically you shouldn’t be looking at a screen in the dark. You should always have background light.

I like computer, pretty awesome