Forum categories are overly complicated

This is my first post. Let’s see the categories!

Privacy Tools
Talk to us about software, browsers, hardware or operating systems that you can use to protect your privacy!
- I’m unable to open a thread in this category. Maybe I don’t have enough privileges or only admins can start threads here. An unadvertised feature.

Discuss and participate in the community!

- This is the only one that’s role is crystal clear in relation to the other categories.

Uncategorized & Off-Topic
Topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.
- I understand this would be the place to talk quarantine bread recipes for example but this category is also full of privacy topics so I don’t understand.

The drop-down menu on the main page shows different categories or shows categories differently than then New Topic pop-up window. The New Topic pop-up window defaults to the Uncategorized & Off-Topic forum category for some reason.

According to some logic this topic, feedback on the forum itself should go to the Community section but according to a different logic its place should be in Uncategorized & Off-Topic. Both categories contain topics of similar nature. I rolled a dice.

Anyone? (Filler text to have the required character count.)