Flashing Lenovo X230 Firmware with Skulls

In a day or two I will try to Flash my Lenovo X 230 with the instructions on git hub Skulls.

I am waiting on starting a new phone plan to have the full allocation of 5 GB of Hotspot data.

I am using a 2016 Alienware 17, with Debian 10 on it as the going into the CH341 Programmer. It was suggested not to bother with the power supply suggested on the Skulls site.

My question about that being, the Debian on the Alienware 17 does not properly shutdown. It hangs and I have to Power Off, I read this is some kind of Debian flaw. I did not see an easy fix. I was thinking I would just ignore this issue, as likely it has nothing to do with what I am going to do. If anyone knows any thing better about ignoring this, please let me know.

Someone also suggested he soldered the wires to the Pomona Clip, and I guess the Programmer to insure the connection. I do not want to spend any more money on this. Someone else suggested that soldering the wires was un-needed.

Give it a try. Worst is I will have to try it again later with a more secure connection.

Also, someone suggested it was important to remove the CMOS battery in the X-230 before Flashing. I did not think to ask that means the Flash will be held without the battery. Any one know exactly how that works?

Any thing I am missing?