Firefox vs focus

Hello everyone

does anyone know what is the differeance between firefox and focus and if focus add more privacy than firefox and if firefox can be configured to be same as focus

and also from other point of view does focus offer less option than firefox

and have a nice day everyone

Firefox Focus (or “Firefox Klar” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is basically a stripped-down version of Firefox. So, Focus comes with less features than Firefox by design. Besides, you can enabled the tracking protection in Firefox, too.

thanks for the info @infosechandbook
but why they offer it if the same thing can be achieved by the firefox even with extra feature
to be honost i get confused when they first offer it and i tried to find a solid comparison tool for both of them but failed

but of course i suffer some issue when browse some site with focus

it’s like duckduckgo browser. little light browser that you can use and end of the day it deletes everything and like you did nothing so it’s good for light usage (like look for stupid questions on google or startpage so to speak)

and normal firefox, is normal firefox

thanks @esmailelbob :slight_smile:

I personally use Firefox Focus as my default browser and anything I need to view longer or want to look at later I’ll open in regular Firefox.