Firefox version 83

Hello everyone

hope that everything going fine with all of you

the new firefox has new option HTTPS-Only Mode which is disabled by default
would it be fine to drop the https everywhere ads-on or we still need it

i know it just released and maybe need some test to see if it work as it should be or not

thanks and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:


I did not try it but theoretically yes

Firefox 76 added the support for HTTPS-only. In Firefox 83, it became “official.”

Yes, you can use it to replace HTTPS Everywhere. In general, we always recommend to use the native web browser options instead of installing additional add-ons.


thanks for your info @infosechandbook @esmailelbob
hope that privacytool get updated with that and remove the adds-on of https everywhere

and have a nice day

We don’t have them on mobile so i don’t think they would remove it

thanks @A_user for the info and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think this is a question of trust/verification.
Is Mozillas implementation identical to HTTPS Everywhere?
Does it really do exactly what is expected?
Will there be frequent independent checks on the code, to make sure it stays that way?

I find the EFF more trustworthy than Mozilla (especially long term).
The fact that Mozilla recently seems bent on “killing” privacy/security addons, by implementing similar features themselves (albeit with less functionality and user control). Is not exactly changing my mind.

Yeah, Mozilla is hostile to privacy. EFF is more good.

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