Firefox Privacy Concerns

Yeah okay whatever, or it can just be false and incorrect too. Misleading information is not helpful. Not everything is some “global conspiracy” of the “elites”.

Yeah we’re not gonna start a debate. If you read the thread there you’ll see that maintaining a browser requires a lot of resources, that which the forks do not possess. Obviously palemoon shills have been deployed (also mentioned in that thread). Lemme guess it was mentioned in your IRC channel or something alike?

You can disable those things with a user.js. In recent versions WebRTC no longer leaks your local address, Firefox does not stand out like a sore thumb (fingerprinting) and have the performance optimizations of newer code. Additionally it actually works on modern services that require those features and with modern maintained extensions.

Comparing vulnerabilities with software virtually nobody uses is kidding yourself. Of course Firefox has more eyes on it and is present in pwn2own competitions. It also has the newer sandboxing and permission model too, which Palemoon removed.

That does not necessarily mean that a less popular browser is more secure though as that is security through obscurity, and we know that doesn’t work.

There’s also a reason no distribution will package this browser outside of user-contributed repositories. I guess that’s fake news too.

“fake news” seems strong with you guys huh. Anyway I think this thread has run its course.