Firefox Password Manager vs storing session cookies

Greetings, everybody.
I am curious to hear community thought on the following:

Assuming the latest version of Firefox, which of the following options would be more preferable security-wise (e.g. assess and/or password to user account will be stolen) and which one privacy-wise (exposing user to the least advertisement tracking etc.):

  1. Storing session cookies (i.e. logging in and never logging out), but not saving password & username in browser built-in Password Manager.
  2. Saving password & username in built-in Password Manager (without Master Password) and setting cookies and site data to be cleared when browser is closed.

P.S.: I am aware that using Master Password for password storage will increase security of the stored passwords. Though I am not wondering how to improve given options, but would like to asses them “as is”.

Good because its easy and faster.
Bad because you will not remember which email and password linked to that email so you will lose it.
Bad because cookies will spy on you on other sites.

Good because you will still remember login data.
Good because cookies wont spy on you because you will delete it.
Bad because it will be more easy to leak these data (and cookies too) if i got access to your PC or remote access so best answer is use password manager such as bitwarden

Depending on your client-side configuration and the websites you visit, session cookies can be stolen by attackers. Then, an attacker only needs to inject the cookie into their own web browser to access your accounts.

Furthermore, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) could be possible.

So always log out.