Firefox Lockwise vs Bitwarden

Firefox introduced Lockwise but Bitwarden seems to be good enough, which one should people choose? Which one do you guys use?

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never tried lockwise, but im satisfied with bitwarden. bitwarden also let u selfhost if u want that

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I haven’t tried lockwise, but I am interested in switching away from Lastpass.

My biggest issue is that they don’t have a Chrome client. I mainly use Firefox, but it’s nice to have a “cross-platform” password manager for the times that I do have to use Chrome.

I recomend switching from chrome to chromium.

I use Bitwarden (for less important stuff) but only have extension in FF. When I need to ligon from Vivaldi, I just copy/paste user & pass from the client. And clear the clipboard after

That’s definitely an option. But I would still prefer to just get a chrome client. Password managers is one area where I prefer everything to just work out of the box and the UI/UX to be highly polished.

That’s one reason I am still on Lastpass (even though I think their ownership by LogMeIn is a medium/long term liability). Their android app and desktop Firefox/Chrome extensions are first class.

Keepass + Syncthing is the way to go.

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Me still use lastpass, bitwarden for secondary backup

My otp lastpass authenticator, and Microsoft authenticator/authy

Dont get locked by yourself use multiple otp for backup, when your phone stolen or broken