Firefox for android missing about:config

Hello everyone

recently firefox for android (maybe ios also) block accessing about:config page

it only available for beta and night version

is there away to do the recommended configuration to it or not

thanks for help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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There us no way time to switch to bromite

what about brave

No brave sucks more than firefox never use brave

:joy: why?

I think Techlore’s (recent(ish)) video on Brave might be worth a watch.

TBH, I don’t see the difference between FF and FF Nightly, so if you need about:config, you can switch easily.

What I actually don’t like is that there is no F-Droid version of Firefox (Nightly) for Android

If it isn’t urgent, you can wait since some websites like XDA say that the page should be back soon.

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

glad to hear that and thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Hijacking links and leaking almost everything on android version

That’s weird - one of the main reasons I use Firefox is because of how configurable it is. I’m using Beta right now and still able to access about:config.

On Reddit is a statement of a Mozilla developer (already 1 month old):

Here’s the thing: yes, about:config works when enabled. HOWEVER:

  • Android is a much different beast than the desktop platforms. Settings commonly used on desktop may not work the same way that they do on Android! Those of you who try to copy-paste settings from existing desktop guides will be in for a surprise. And no, it’s not just obscure settings that might work differently! Some of your more “common” settings may work completely differently, not at all, or may actually break your Fenix installation !
  • Fenix uses GeckoView. For GeckoView (the embedding layer) to integrate with Gecko (the rendering engine), some settings must remain set in a specific way, or else Fenix would become completely detached from Gecko. Without losing your profile by reinstalling, the only way you can undo that is if your phone is rooted!

Look, it’s not like we’re insensitive to the desire for configuration; it’s that we know that on Android there are footguns that don’t exist on desktop!

We want to figure out a way to do this in a way that makes it difficult to break GeckoView. I’m sorry that this isn’t good enough for many of you, but with all due respect, you’re not the ones on the receiving end when somebody breaks their browser because they didn’t know what they were doing!

thanks for everyone replay and hope they bring it back :slight_smile:

From a privacy viewpoint, it’s worth considering how the about config settings changes impact your “fingerprinting” as mentioned over here.