Firefox Focus opinions

I downloaded Firefox Focus for mobile. Is it good for privacy?
Should/can I somehow config it? It seems very simple, hard to know what functions are deeper.

What means privacy for you here?

What do you want to configure?

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Firefox Focus is “simple” by design : it does the job out of the box and it does it extremly well, that’s it. If you want to configure things because configuring things makes you feel your are in control of something then have a look into the regular Firefox app for mobile : it does a lot of things, it has options where you can toggle on/off a bunch of things, it can open multiple tabs, it can do ad tracking etc… Both are made by Mozilla. “Focus” is made for people who care about ad tracking, lightweight app, speed and privacy (which is a very generic term here obviously) where “Firefox” is just the regular Firefox into an app (keep in mind on iOS browser’s apps uses what Safari uses to work so it won’t ever be the exact same as Firefox on computer but at least it would keep a consistent look and feel). That being said I believe it’s not because something is “made for people who care about privacy” that it should not be used by everyone. It should be used by everyone, that’s the goal, privacy (whatever it means for you) should be the normal state of things.

If you want to learn a little bit more about what is Firefox Focus :

I believe by default Firefox Focus sends anonymous usage data to Mozilla : you can toggle that “off” into the Focus settings it’s on the 1st page ( I find it great to have “only” 1 page of settings because you see everything, everything is obvious, nothing is hidden in the 8th sub-menu of the 4th page in the 3rd tab at the bottom so you can quickly know and understand what you use and what it does without any surprise ).

Also to give you an idea about how I personally use it : I use Focus for 90% of my mobile browsing. If I really need to keep multiple tabs open for later or something very specific to be synced with my Firefox account then I use Firefox app. So I have both installed on my phone and I’m happy with that. Which means you if you make a choice then you don’t have to not use anything else : you can keep an other browser app for other specific type of usage.

I do not know what I want to configure. This program looks very easy, but I do not know how much anonimity it provides. On PC I may thinkg to go to about:config in the firefox, disable DRM, WebGL, disable Firefox data collection, install CanvasBlocker, manipulate with Java, install Cameleon etc. There are cookies, evercookies, flash about which you need to worry. Screen resolution hiding tools. On the one hand you can go to Firefox settings and just click ‘‘strict’’ and you should be good, but in practice you need many additional actions and tools.
So I wander how deep default settings of FFocus protect me, or rather would like to know, what they do not do (from what thread it dont protect me).

It a nomal firefox daylight it has safebrowsing on and webgl on and DRM enabled it sucks

If you don’t know what you want, then it is hard to make any useful recommendations.

If you look for a high level of anonymity, use the Tor Browser, as always. The Firefox browser or other “standard web browsers” don’t offer anonymity. Besides, “anonymity” also means that you need to change your browsing behavior. Technology alone can’t offer sufficient anonymity.

Configuring all of this results in high customization of your web browser, hence it helps to better identify you with your customized web browser. Furthermore, changing arbitrary settings can lead to “feel good privacy”: You assume that your web browser keeps you anonymous since you changed something; however, in reality, your changes have no impact.

You mean Focus or Daylight?

I plus minus know what I want on PC, but it is harder to know on the phone.
E.g. does Focus handle third pard cookies, Flash ones, evercookies, LSO, WebGL, DRM etc.?
You right about browser fingerprinting, but mayby using e.g. 3 browser each for different tasks would be some option to go. Expecially on mobile, where your IP is not connected to specific city, so the number of users is higher.

The problem with TOR is that is a pain, even if you have security level standard. A lot of websites does not work or you need to reload it over and over again. Forums etc. are nighmare - you end using Catpcha for 10 minutes and at the end you see error.

Both of them

They care only flash cookies and evercookies

You list numerous technologies for different (legitimate) purposes. If you mean “Does Focus support these,” then yes, it supports most of these technologies.

In 2017, researchers showed that you can be tracked across your installed web browsers with >99% accuracy. In 2012/2020, other researchers showed that only looking at your browsing habits results in 99% uniqueness.

So again, customizing your web browser’s settings and your unique browsing habits make it easier for third parties to track you. Using three or more web browsers won’t likely change this.

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I used to use it for opening all links on my phone. Occasionally it would break websites so I would open it in regular Firefox. I also open links from Focus to Firefox if I need to login or get back to the page I have open later. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter on my phone I recently removed it and use Firefox Beta almost exclusively, but I’ll probably switch back to my previous setup. The pros is that it’s very simple to use but the con is that websites can break and it’s not very configurable.