Firefox based browsers

Basically i would like a list of the best firefox based browsers that are privacy friendly.

LibreWolf and GNU IceCat are two that immediately come to mind.


hiii :slight_smile:

love the question ! AND in addition to LibreWolf (which I use an awful lot) and such there is:

Palemoon (change the about:config settings…)
Basilisk (same person made this one… so config change needed )

I DO check out browsers for unsolicited HTTP/HTTPS requests with a packet sniffer and those 3 are all safe , BUT of course it doesn’t hurt to verify yourself either if so inclined

BUt yes, there are options :smiley:


Anybody no of web browsers not based on safari, firefox or chromium??

Not exactly chromium, but Qt WebEngine
I was testing Otter from the first alpha (when Opera swithed to chromium). But Falkon (QupZilla) was better at that time. It was when Firefox tried to be a Chrome clone, and all browsers were bad. Luckily, situation today is better

And Konqueror


If you want to look like a hacker, there is also Lynx, a command line interface web browser.

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Is webkit chromium?

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what about qutebrowser?

Not Firefox based though.

I’m going to check out qutebrowser XD

Right now my non-mozilla & non-chromium web browsers are:

elinks [command-line browser]
links2 [command-line browser]
lynx [command-line browser]

Those browsers i find when used with Torsocks - they come in handy sometimes :smiley:

And maybe i’ll revisit konqueror :smiley: