Firefox and Firefox Forks

This is a complete re-write of my latest entry that I previously made. I hope you enjoy it. Please provide civil, well organized discussions. Ones that will not result in bigotry, accusations, suffering from the dunning-Kruger effect, etc…

The browser advocates to be private based browser

If Firefox actually cared about Privacy and it’s users, it would do some of the following:

  • Allow users to install any addons, XUL or WebExtensions, until all the major addons like DownThemAll and Classic Theme Restorer are able to support the new architecture.
  • Provide privacy-respecting, censorship-free alternatives to basic services like an email or search engine.
  • Not perform experiments on users by default, or ask users if they want to participate in the experiments upon it’s first startup.
  • Provide a built-in adblocker or uMatrix-like functionality by default.
  • Remove Pocket and other spyware.
  • Allow users to easily disable WebGL, WebRTC, and the built-in PDF reader via settings.
  • Allow more control over the user interface, and bring back complete themes.

try to find a web-extension that what the previous extension did.

And where can I find alternatives for Classic Theme Restorer, DownThemAll, and most importantly, the All-in-one sidebar? Add-ons look terrible on the address bar and ruin the whole GUI. That’s why I put them on the left with other buttons so I can just press F4 to open and close the sidebar. It also provides a neat way to display bookmarks without having to use the toolbar. Pale Moon uses The Good Ol’ sidebar and it works very well.

The project comes with the privacy oriented changes by default.

Waterfox doesn’t do anything about privacy. It’s still spyware just like Firefox, and it’s less secure. Honestly, I think it’s the worst fork of Firefox out there (except maybe IceDragon).

Pale Moon is a browser fork that uses the Firefox ESR 38 code, while using the classic Firefox UI.

That’s some better wording compared to last time. Pale Moon is an independent browser that was forked from an older release. Saying it’s a clone of 3 year-old Firefox, is like saying Firefox uses 20-year old Netscape.

Pale Moon aims to be another privacy respecting browser, with configurations made by default, unlike Firefox.

Unlike Waterfox, which unashamedly spies on you.

One notable aspect is the lack of e10. E10 is what allows each tab process to isolate web content to prevent any leaks from happening. Without this protection, users are at risk of malicious code from accessing web content from the browser. This can cause manipulation of web content resulting in dangerous redirects, injection attacks, and more.

First off, people care more about privacy than security. Second, doesn’t this cause the RAM to go up? Users have been fine without this technology for many years, and I don’t think it’s worth breaking another computer just because we wanted more security.

I’ve seen users of MalwareTips and their configs, and they don’t seem to care about their computers at all since they once encouraged me to download several bloatware programs including 3+ proprietary scanners, and most of them would tell you to use Google Chrome, probably because it isn’t open source, because they think Open Source is evil for some reason.

Basilisk also is able to support e10, but it was chosen not to enable it.

Probably because the Dev didn’t like the trade between security and performance.

Tor Browser also comes with HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript by default.

But not uBlock Origin (except on Tails) or uMatrix. HTTPS Everywhere doesn’t even work compared to Smart HTTPS and HTTPZ.

Security can also affect your privacy.

I actually agree with this. Having too much security can kill your privacy. For instance, if you use Windows, you’ll probably need an Antivirus, but since just about every AV is proprietary spyware, using one will mean you’re letting Avast/AVG collect and sell all of your data. Also, Pale Moon is probably as secure as Firefox since it doesn’t include WebRTC, a security risk that also ruins your privacy.

I have been considering for a while, of creating a browser fork of Firefox.