Fight for the Future welcomes legislation to ban facial recognition surviellance in public housing

Facial Recognition in ‘public’ places is for what purpose? It’s actual intent is ‘surveillance’ so let’s cut the government and corporate gobbledygook and call it what it is - ‘public surveillance’.

We expect privacy in our home - it’s why we have doors, blinds and curtains. We expect privacy when surfing the internet or querying the *Google catalog (it’s why we load our browser with anti-stalkers), but NOT in a public place like roads, streets, parks, or, elevators, hallways or service areas and streets in Public Housing or other ‘public’ areas.

The hallways, elevators, lobby and service areas of Public Housing are, well, ‘public’ and cameras should be allowed. Surveillance of the ‘public’ via Facial Recognition (FR) in those public areas is a reasonable requirement for safety and security.

And while shopping malls, and retailers plus most other businesses are on private property, I understand their need to monitor. I do NOT see the need to grab a image of my face, and use that to pull a Google and record where I’ve been, what I saw, said, did, read, for how long, with whom and on what dates and times. There is enough of that kind of privacy invasion via my devices.

It’s all very stupid and overly convoluted. The ‘privacy matters’ movement is battling facial recognition when the war is with government, ISPs, and corporations - - - a well-armed, heavily financed, and very formidable army with the Privacy Kraken leading the way.

The “Internet”: use to belong to ‘people’ and those that saw the advent of the internet and poo-pooed it as a fad, a waste of electronics, useless to business… now control a huge part of what we see, when, how much and for how long, and all that is recorded and stuffed into our ‘profile’. How different is that from our face being used to stalk us?

I greatly appreciate the efforts of Fight for the Future and all those others battling the governments and corporations, collectively seen as the Privacy Kraken. But I fear, as history has shown, that blocking the Privacy Kraken is like avoiding Google spies, giving up sleeping, or stop ageing. Privacy in Public Housing is a good thing but stalking via ‘recognition’ is not. Hurrah for the ban - next? There is too much money spent and to be made in facial surveillance - the box was opened and the beast escaped.

Just saying s’all

It’s not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see. (Anon)

p.s. It is (or was) the WORLD WIDE Web (WWW), not the USW. Think GLOBAL.