Fediverse app that will allow for private sharing via URL or password?

I’m looking for a Fediverse app that will allow me to selectively share private/non-pubic content (photos/posts) without the other person signing up for the service.

Ideally, I could send the other person a URL to view this content, or send them to a password protected page.

I tried Pixelfed but it doesn’t look like it has this feature/option. Does anyone know if any of the other Fediverse apps has this feature?

Firefox Send seems to work to this case scenario. It can even be password protected.

This website should help you find what you want. https://fediverse.party
As I´m only an user of Mastodon and Peertube, I would guess SocialHome, Friendica or Hubzilla should do what you are searching for.

I was looking more for a social media app to share content, but I could see Firefox Send coming in handle for certain use cases too. Thanks for the recommendation!

Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out!