Favorite mail client with buttery smooth gpg integration

…as the subject says – i’m curious to hear what you all use, like, dislike, and can recommend for email clients with tight gpg integration. oh yeah, i’d like it if the UI didn’t remind me of 1999 (cough… claws).

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I used Thunderbird for a bit, but never loved it. I use ProtonMail, so I just use their app or web interface. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of awesome stuff with an awesome UI and great gpg support in my experience.

I enjoy protonmail, even though my family members don’t use protonmail too, I still put password protection on the emails that I send to them. I also use Thunderbird with enigmail, and I would also recommend trying Tor Birdy, which sends your mail traffic through Tor.

im not using any email cinets but if u want that one whos working with PGP/GPG u can try Thunderbird

i seem to recall hearing Thunderbird was getting a big UI overhaul. maybe that’s already happened – the current ui doesn’t look offensive, but my position is comical. it’s either something nice like Rainloop (though their bug queue on github is mildly concerning:


…or just give in and start using mutt or:


I don’t think Thunderbird has been revamped yet, which is a shame because I think currently it’s terrible.

I just use the default macOS Mail.app with GPGMail, which is such a scam by the way, you have to pay for a “support plan”/license to use it despite being open source, and I couldn’t figure out how to build it from source. Whatever :upside_down_face:

GPG is pretty dead tbh.

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Well it has been revamped, in terms of upgrading to quantum. The Thunderbird team is increasing in size, so they will be accomplish more.


That’s good. Haven’t noticed any significant UI changes though :frowning:

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Don’t know what to tell you, mutt. Once you’re comfortable working the terminal it does everything you want and has a very narrow attack surface. And If you’re hosting your owm email Zeyple is highly recommended. It automatically encrypts incoming/outgoing email if it can query the correct public key from public keyservers. One less thing you have to think about.

Don’t know that I would say buttery smooth but Claws works pretty well if people want something between mutt and Thunderbird.