Facebook's new cryptocurrency

what you guys think about it ?

i think: cool! finally we will see the first traceable cryptocurrency, lol

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Since it will be apache 2.0 licensed (fsf-approved free software license) I’m hoping for a monero-like fork which is compatible in some way. Let’s see how anonymous one can pay in the future.

Aren’t many cryptocurrencies (i.e. ones with block explorer) functionally traceable?

ZuckCoin sounds like the worst of both worlds. Hopefully it doesn’t take off.


I hope it doesn’t get adopted, and I hope FB will get broken up soon enough.
Otherwise, we might as well sign back into FB because it’s probably going to be mandatory to use the coin, and therefore FB :frowning:

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It is actually a cryptocurrency and also an investment token. The latter I have heard nothing about in the mainstream press. If you have $10 million to invest in the Libra project you can get Libra investment tokens that pay you the interest earned from the fiat backing the currency. So if I buy Libra currency does the fiat I give in exchange get put into an account also to earn the backers money?? This needs more investigating.

How quickly people who care about privacy are going to run to Facebook because they heard the word Crypto. lol.

i will not i just jk that FB will track the cryptocurrency

Lol, ZuckCoin