Facebook & Tor?

Why literally everytime i try to login in FB from their onion link my account get closed ? i mean why they made it then ? (i hate FB a lot but i need one to contact with my class mate (they love fb ugh) & i want save my privacy but everytime i create FB account & try login from tor it get closed so why)


Beacuse you are preventing them to track you. That onion link is just for a show. Nobody uses that. Whoever does, gets blocked. That’s your punishment for trying to be anonymous.


good point of view but if that true why they still have onion link then ?

NOTE: i not mean to fight i just asking like getting ideas

Maybe they are encouraging you to break these rules/recommendations:

(Do Not)
Login to Accounts Used without Tor
Login to Banking or Online Payment Accounts
Login to Social Networks Accounts and Think you are Anonymous
Login to Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. Longer than Necessary
and more at the link.

They probably lock your account because you do something else suspicious (to them) like using fake names or email addresses, etc.

Maybe your TOR circuit is suspect too. For example, as I logged into this forum, it told me “you cannot login from this IP” so I had to change to “new tor circuit for this site” before trying again.

Nobody uses that. Whoever does, gets blocked.

I tried it (after many days of not being on FB). It worked OK.

well, my account is fine & made from 2015 (yes i forgot about it so yeah i just found it from week ago) i mean its almost 10 years now so why it look suspicious ? also yes you are right “do not login from tor” but first, its onion link & second i just use it for FB (like open the whole browser for one website to avoid cookies & all that)

I know Facebook is one of the worst when it comes to privacy, but I suspect there might be a different reason for why this is happening. Because Tor disguises your IP address, it treats someone logging in from a different IP as suspicious. Therefore if you’re logging in via Tor, it may think that another person is logging in. This is my best guess as to what’s happening.

It may seem hypocritical to use Facebook at this point, but like you, I have certain friends that I can only seem to reach through there, so I keep my account.

Don’t know. Never checked.

so i can not use TOR, ugh why it worked in past i mean last year with my account it worked fine & with a 5 years old account that i forgot its not working (yes i had a lot of accounts out there :3)

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What do you mean you can’t use it? Is it blocked in your country, or is the program just not loading? If you have an outdated version of the browser it may not work. In that case, just download the latest version from torproject.org. On the other hand, if Tor is blocked in your country, you can usually use bridges to circumvent that (I’ve used them before).

Seriously, I’ve used Facebook through Tor and didn’t have a problem. You just have to prove that you’re the real account holder since you’re logging in with a different IP address (2FA), at least last I checked. This consists of doing something like identifying recent comments that you’ve made or something similar. I’m not sure why there’s a problem in your particular instance.

when i login with my 6 years old account it get blocked & it say they need verify me, in other hand when i visit normal version on my chrome it open normal so yeah it not work with me in this

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Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. It’s just to make sure that you are the actual account holder, so you have to go through 2FA. You aren’t “blocked,” per se, but you have to answer security questions. That’s normal.

yeah its not answer, they tell me we blocked your account & want a pic of you (no i wont give them a pic of me) so this prevent me to use the account again

That sounds ultra-suspicious. It almost sounds like a Facebook phishing site, in fact. The legitimate Tor Facebook address is facebookcorewwwi.onion. Any others are phishing sites.

yeah ik :3
the link i mean

Strange. I log in to my facebook account both clearnet and Tor and never had an issue.