Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed | BREITBART

Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed

Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart News by a source within the social media giant.

I wouldn’t use Brietbart as a reliable news resource.


interesting offline signals …

it’s not about the messenger, it’s about the message - and although they don’t link the document, the story is not unlikely to be accurate given what we already know about Facebook

if anyone’s interested, most of the sources i watch daily are here

The story is likely to be inaccurate because of the source. It’s like linking to infowars.

and there isn’t truth and accuracy to be had from Infowars? again, even a source as utterly fucking bad as Infowars publish very good news pieces on occasion

this is a huge problem not only with news sources, but with politics in general - the media, government and political oriented corporations (social media, for one) have convinced a lot of people that THIS is good and THAT is bad and there is no gray area - “you’re either with us or against us”, right?

the radical right are a bunch of ignorant, brainwashed morons, and so are the radical left - they are taught to hate each other and therefore anything the other says or stands for is automatically wrong when, in fact, BOTH sides have something to offer

the gubment wants people to be divided so they are incapable of working together on common goals - given the MSM garbage (Fox vs CNN, etc.), i don’t know how anyone can possibly not see that the Divide and Conquer philosophy is alive and well, and it works beautifully! Breitbart = BAD, NYT = GOOD, republican = BAD, democrat = GOOD, USA = GOOD, Russia - BAD… etc. … is that really what we are going to allow ourselves to be distilled down to?

InfoWars is a white nationalist conspiracy theory site. Full stop.

And I suppose any story from CNN is inaccurate because apparently the mainstream media can’t be trusted. As much as I don’t give a **** about Trump and the awful things he’s doing, I think the media should spend more time focusing on real disasters like global warming instead of Trump whining about a stupid wall or a fetus genocide. What happens when the apocalypse comes? We won’t know because everyone’s too busy bashing Trump.

Agreed. I grew up around extreme right-wing nazis. All I know is extremist nazi propaganda. I think we can all agree on the fact that Breitbart and CNN both suck. Sure they can bring good news sometimes, but they both suck. It’s not just Trump and Obama that’s ruining our country. It’s the extremist radical dictators that want to censor your life. Both sides need to shut up. Both sides are crazy. All I hear is “LIBERALS = CRAZY, REPUBS = GOOD”. Sure I’ve seen Liberals make fun of Repubs and Repubs calling the Liberals “SPAWN OF SATAN”, and I think both sides are satanic.

Politics in general have ruined our country. Both sides are evil.

InfoWars has been blocked by virtually every social media network out there, including Google. Why is this? Are Google, Apple, and Twitter trying to hide something? I think we should keep an eye on Alex Jones and see what they’re up to. Something must be up.

The difference is far-right media has a tendency to publish conspiricy theories and half-baked ideas far more than other media outlets. The real issue is how credible their sources are, and far-right media outlets seem to be a lot worse at this on average, see:

This is a big deal even though you kind of brush it aside.

Also there are far fewer far-left media outlets than far-right ones like Breitbart and InfoWars it seems like.

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allow me to make an alteration to that statement if i may be so bold…

government in general has ruined our country.

and that’s the point, isn’t is :slight_smile:

now about that “global warming” thing :sunny: … look that stuff up on corbettreport.com - he’s a good researsheer who’s done a lot of work in that area and he links to a lot of others who have done far more work than he has

Okay. Does this site have a block button? I don’t have time for conspiracy theory trolls.

(Figured out how to ignore people.)

with all due respect, that is absolute and provable nonsense - i am not right, left nor center because i detest applying labels which are nothing more than gross and childish oversimplifications made possible by the MSM, Hollywood, government and public “education”

i agree that the radical right is made up largely of a bunch of ignorant couch potatoes who are so devoid of critical thinking that their only means of expressing themselves is through memes, however the radical left is far more dangerous

ultimately however, there is no difference when it comes to core issues - both are absolutely pro-war and pro-interventionist - neither questions core issues like the validity of the “federal” reserve, the IRS, the impact of big-pharma, paid lobbyists, AIPAC, etc. - they all are playing the same game

it’s a very long story, but if you want to understand politics today, you need go WAY back, long before O-Bomb-ya and the orange faced baboon in Washington today - study the Frankfert School, WWI and the treaty of Versailles as well as Germany’s role in WW2 - read the book, Supermob, by Gus Russo and you’ll understand how hellishly dangerous the radical, communist left is and how it influences every aspect of our lives

i assure you i’m not being a know-it-all dick when i say these things - this is stuff i’ve been researching long enough to know generally what i’m talking about - the alt-right are just idiots - the alt-left are extremely dangerous idiots - both are playing the same game, it’s just that the alt-right isn’t smart enough to realize that they’re nothing more than prostitutes in the game

please do some research

You’re ignoring my ultimate point which is that these “media” organizations aren’t using or publishing credible sources.

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Arguing about ideologies here seems very off-topic and not constructive to our general conversation.

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