Facebook messenger android voice and video call get disabled while using VPN

I encountered this issue before with VPN.ac, after than I build my own VPN on Google GCP with Wireguard, Openconnect, iKEV2, Shadowsocks, etc…
Today suddendly this issue happend again. I have 2 different ip from same region, 1 doesnt affect.
Anyone know how to fix or let facebook whitelist google cloud ips?


You can’t force Facebook to do anything. Why are you using Facebook in the first place? There’s many better alternatives.

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In my country and my friend , classmate all use messenger to communicate.

It can extremely difficult to not use FB. I don’t use FB proper, but there are some people with whom I keep in touch via messenger and it’s not realistic to move to another platform.

I not using Facebook app, just Messenger ~~ and some facebook group
Nvm, I excluded messenger app from using VPN

Do you happen to use a vpn that does only TCP? because if FB messenger uses UDP, then it won’t work.

Also as a tip, running messenger in a container using the app “shelter” which you can download from F-droid.

Currently my most used VPN is Wireguard(UDP), some times iKEV2 (UDP)
CIsco anyconnect (TCP, UDP) as backup also share with my friend who live in China Shenzhen

Actually I found a solution. While my VPS comes with IPv6 by default… Facebook messenger has some issue with it. So I disable IPv6 on VPN client, just using IPv4 instead.
Problem solved. ~~ :grinning::grinning: