Facebook has violated your privacy too many times

Our information won’t be posted publicly, will it? :rofl: I’ve had enough issues with that already.

this is only my personal opinion, but i think that any attempt to clean up the commercialized social media giants is a waste of time based on their business models alone - i think the better answer is to ignore/boycott them and use some of the many privacy-centric alternatives

that said, i’d love to see Zuckerberg burn in hell (along with many others) :hot_face:

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Before everyone is going ham and giving away personal information on some random site on the internet. Has a petition ever been the cause of something big? Like been a turning point for a discussion that lead to change? As how i see it, petitions are no more than HTML pages which you fill out to give yourself a pat on the back when in reality you havent done anything at all besides giving away your personal information to a stranger on the net.