Ex-Yugoslavia countries and Internet privacy?

Hi! User from the ex-yu here.

Many people (including myself), when talking about Internet privacy, usually talk about how the big tech like Google, Facebook, Verizon, even Apple, are companies that have no regards towards user privacy and are actively violating it. And that’s true, yes. But all of those are US-based.

Now, the Balkans isn’t exactly popular when it comes to big tech companies, but what about telecoms? m:tel (my personal Internet service provider), BH Telecom, mts, Vip, Telenor… I’m almost certainly positive that some (or most) of these guys snoop around. But how do I know if there’s little to no coverage? It’s all about that Verizon the Balkans doesn’t have. Or Google that everyone uses. And ESPECIALLY that Faecesbook that my parents have.

Anyway, point of this thread is to talk about telecoms of any kinds, but I’m mostly curious about ex-yu, and if there are any resources for me to study about this phenomenon. Thanks in advance, and my apologies if you don’t have enough input.

you really think so?

you really think so?

Well I mean, name a tech company from the Balkans excluding telecoms.

It dosn’t matter if you live in us or not if you have internet they will get your data

Ex-soviet country resident here. Yes telecoms tracking everywhere. You can use vpn for internet traffic for protecting history of web browsing from ISP. And you can use Silent Pocket faraday cage for prevent tracking via cell towers.
Faraday Cage blocks all kind of phone signals. GPS, Mobile data, bluetooth and etc. Noone can call you while your phone is in faraday cage. You can use Signal for calling your friends family while your phone is in Faraday Cage. Best solution is using Ipod Touch. This device has no baseband processor, no sim card entrance, no microphone. You can install Signal for calling and headphone for microphone.

P.S. If you are really curious about protecting privacy, I recommend to listen from first episode Privacy, Security and Osint with Michael Bazelle.