Evernote Gave Dark Web Dealer’s Notes to the DEA

Use StandardNotes.

I always though criminals pay way more attention to security, privacy and anonymity these days, since there were many cases where their providers gave info to authorities.

I use CheryTree and sync it via e2ee cloud. For less important stuff and phone, I use Joplin synced via hosted Nextcloud instance without e2ee. Though I have no important stuff in CT notes either, I use it just because it’s great :slight_smile:

The article assumes – but does not say – that Evernote is not end-to-end encrypted. Does anybody know about this ?

From Evernote:

More technically, we use Google’s server-side encryption feature with Google-managed encryption keys to encrypt all data at rest using AES-256, transparently and automatically.

It’s encrypted, but meaningless when Google/Evernote hold the keys.

The thing is, they think they do. There’s the whole “ISIS uses Telegram so it must be secure” argument, except ISIS or criminals in general aren’t security experts. They might think what they are doing is secure, but that doesn’t mean it is and for those who choose apps based on “that’s what this group trusts” leads people using unsafe software.

I know a lot of people who sell drugs in moderate-high quantities through IG, FB, WSP and so on, where I live there isn’t that much surveillance with governments and tech companies, sure, they can require it and such but it’s not that common to see people getting arrested thanks to that but it proves must criminals aren’t that tech savvy.
Even the owner of the Silk Road wasn’t that smart IMO.

Nah, they basically search on the Internet and if it says something is good to use or safe they jump on it. Evernote had the lock notes so they thought it would be super private. Not understand the 5 eyes and other laws that have been enacted to give law enforcement more powers.

Not to mention thinking that BITCOIN is a super private method of payment. Which if they did any research would let them know that its now. It’s after all a LEDGER which keeps track of ownership of BTC. Gotta love these type of stories though.