Evernote alternative?

I am looking for encrypted and synchronized note app for android and linux

Standard Notes.


Standard Notes

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https://www.privacytools.io/software/notebooks/ :nerd_face:


I highly recommend standard notes

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I absolutely LOVE Turtl
e2ee notes, great UI, cloud synced so you don’t need to do it manually. Plus the dev is someone who cares about privacy + is a great guy. I would love to see this app get some support. I think its at v0.7 right now and it’s already awesome.

Honestly, i just tried Standard Notes, and without paying for the additional features it kind of sucks comparatively to Turtl. just IMHO

There is also Joplin which looks way better than Standard… For one, it supports images…

EDIT: Ok after downloading both Joplin and Standard, I might actually switch from Turtl. Turtl looks a lot nicer, but Joplin seems to be better for power users. And it’s definitely better than Standard, plus it seems to have options that you would need to pay for in Standard Notes.
If anyone here has tried joplin and prefers Standard, why?

I have tried Joplin, Turtl and Standard Notes and Standard Notes fits the bill for me. I am not a power user note taker. If I want to write up a tutorial, I will open a text document. I needed something that would sync text between my PC and phone. For example, something to place my workout plan so I can edit it on the PC and open it up in the gym.

There is nothing wrong with Joplin or Turtl, all three are miles better than Evernote or OneNote. I don’t use Joplin because the sync capabilities, you need a Nextcloud server and I don’t want to be connected to my Nextcloud server all the time. Turtl doesn’t have an iPhone app and atm, I am on an iPhone (until Librem 5 or Pinephone comes out).

The only reason you see people recommend Standard Notes so much is that they are audited, open sourced and its super simple to setup an account. I also paid for Standard Notes, not because I want features but because I support what they are doing. To each their own, just don’t use Evernote, OneNote or Google Keep and your good.

I had Joplin syncing without nextcloud. Directly with *Dropbox. The reason i chose not to switch is because it doesn’t allow encrypted on-device storage + password protection of app/database, unfortunately. So i’m sticking with Turtl, even though Joplin looks more versatile, for now. Although Turtl is only v0.7 so maybe it will catch up :slight_smile:
And as for paying for Standard Notes goes - I would totally pay, if i could pay a one-time fee to access the extra features. But i’m not going to pay/can’t afford to pay for the rest of my life for a few extra features. Plus the UI looks like crap comparatively.

EDIT - typo - originally said “nextcloud”

I have been using joplin for a while now and it delivers what I need. Sync’ing is not a problem because I use Syncthing. I just created a directory in my cell phone plus a corresponding directory in each of the three Linux machines I use. Then I directed Joplin to put sync files in them. It has worked pretty well. I have no problem even working in different machines when they are disconnected. After connecting them, things get sync’ed up quickly.

So far I am happy with Joplin.