EU says websites can't hide content behind 'cookie walls'


On uBlock Origin you open the Dashboard > Filter Lists > Click on Fanboy’s Annoyance

It seems to stop these annoying cookie warnings. I only just started using it.

You could use I don’t care about cookies Add-on.
But I prefer to use a filter list on uBlock Origin instead of another Add-on.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Globally blacklisting cookiewall providers in µMatrix when encountering them? I think µBlock lists should also be compatible with µMatrix even if they may need to be manually imported on the assets page.

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I will have to learn how to use uMatrix. I think it is abit of a learning curve.
I t is developed by Raymond Hill of uBlock Origin so it must be good.
I use uBlock Origin on Enhanced Easy mode.

It’s well documented and mostly just clicking, while it does have a bit more learning when compared to µBlock Origin.

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