Encrypting containers


I encrypted my container with sensitive data with an photo only, just in case I forgot the password, what could go wrong?

  • Picture too weak for penetration testing?
  • Someone could try to bruteforce my archive after he has stolen all the data, including the image? That’s a real threat, but no one is so interested in my data :smiley:
  • The image is +2M and is kept somewhe difficult to access.
  • Any other?

I saved the container on the cloud just to be save in terms of redundancy.

I think you are using the photo as a key file of sorts. There is a risk of leaking your key file during every transfer to the machine. Also leaving the keyfile in the same machine is a bad idea.

A passphrase should be safer.


Thank you.
The file should remain in the machine in somehow, at least during the usage.
I could use a pendrive but the chaos of my HDD works out much better I think :smiley:

Certainly, if the PC is hacked and someone intentionally takes that picture plus the archive, then I’m done.

This solution is also to ease the process of the constant backups.

I use only safe opensource software on that machine and I don’t even use the WIFI, I’m also on a dedicated network, it’s a bit difficult to hack that device.

What do you think?

You should probably use a hardware key like a Yubikey instead if you want convenience and ease of use.

Interesting, thank you.
It seems the right thing to do, but unfortunately, after a research online, I see that Veracrypt could have issues with it, due to the type of object accepted by the Veracrypt code.
Basically, the header of the physical key could be not recognized by Veracrypt, and Veracrypt can’t purely read the key inside, or it’s not even possible.

Do you know any software to create encrypted containers that it’s opensource and where this key is compatible?