Encrypted Photo Backup for iOS

I am searching for an App that allows me to connect to an online storage and encrypt than upload (Backup) the photos from my phone.

Currently I have a solution for uploading unencrypted onto a personal serve. But I want to encrypt them if possible.

Do you have any ideas?

Nextcloud with E2EE enabled? Resilio Sync?

I use Tresorit, even though it’s not open source

Does it backup photos from iOS automatically?

I will look into this

I know tresorit because of files I am syncing with other people, Mac to Mac, so I have no experience with this.

Do you have this setup running or is this just a theoretical option?

Additionally regarding Resilio Sync:

Doesn’t next cloud encrypt as well? so would you use both together or either?

Yes, Tresorit has auto-upload option. Sync.com should work also, and it’s cheaper (5€ vs 10€ / month). Seafile (luckycloud, yoursecurecloud, openitstore…) is another option, but their e2ee is probably not good enough.

Test all of them and see what’s the best for you

One or the other. Nextcloud is more traditional cloud storage like iCloud or Google Drive, while Resilio Sync is more of a file syncing service but you could also use it for photo backups in theory.

I’d probably go with Nextcloud for your use case more.

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Yeah, there’s an option in the app settings to enable automatic uploads from your camera roll; same as Nextcloud’s iOS app.

Sync.com also has a free tier that gives you 5GB. I’ve used this and Tresorit and both are great. For storing other types of files like text Tresorit has better features like in app editing, but it does cost more.