Email aliases

I have ability now to use email aliases but i’m just little confused.
I have 3 emails (one for work, one for personal and other for just spam stuff) and i want to add plan so do i get some aliases for my 3 emails ? like get some aliases for my work email in order to signup to github/gitlab and get some aliases for my personal email to signup in social media and ofc other like streaming and general will be under my spam inbox (with aliases) or just create aliases for my spam inbox in order to signup in all services and leave my work/personal email for just contact in case i want talk with company or with friends ? (with some aliases too, lol)

EDIT: i made this photo to explain more what i want due i can’t just explain it in text

Like with everything you’ll have to find what works best for you. Ideally you should have a different email alias for each different service, but your real addresses should still serve the purpose of keep topics separated even if for your own clarity. I would still keeps those 3 especially the personal one which you may actually never need to use through an alias.

A good way of think about it is, if a service doesn’t need to know your (online) identity use an alias:

Personal email – use it for friends, family and official stuff like police, embassies, visas, etc.

Professional email – job hunting or ‘out of office’ email. You can probably reach out to HR to have them update your email with a new alias, but I think it would be a good idea to have your own domain just in case to make it look more professional. Otherwise use your personal email or a separate account for this purpose.

Spam email – random signups anywhere, or even sites and services you use regularly. Mind that ultimately they’ll end up in the same inbox where you can setup rules for them. For bigger companies such as netflix, especially if there are recurring payments involved, I’d always use a dedicated alias for it.

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I like to go even further, maybe it adds additionally inconvenience but I feel more secure this way.

I would use one for job hunting, one for friends/family (maybe one for friends/family who do use private e-mail services and another for people who use Gmail?), and then I would create specific e-mails for different hobbies (for example video streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc), videogames (Steam, GOG, etc), learning stuff (Duolingo, Codecamy, etc) social media (Mastodon, Friendica, etc).

I mean i will keep the 3 emails but i want to know, just use my spam email to signup to all services ? and keep work and personal for just personal and work related stuff ? or use work and personal too and get aliases for them to sign up for like github or mastodon

EDIT: i edited my post so i hope you get what i mean this time!

I would use one for job hunting

Like my work email, already got it!

one for friends/family

No one uses PGP (or even know it) so i guess i already have this too

also i just asking do i need make aliases for my work and personal email or just grab my spam one with aliases ? and signup in all services because i feel you got me wrong

EDIT: i edited my post so i hope you get what i mean this time!

In my setup I only have a single “real” email that I use for my family, close friends and government administratives. For all other uses, I have an alias per service. In case my real email has troubles, I can just sign up for another email provider and migrate all emails there, inform my family/government about this change and updated the real email/mailbox on the alias service.

This setup works well for me but it might not work for you. As @LOK_48SEAL said, you’ll have to find what works best for you by trying a setup for sometimes and see if it suits you.

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I know you are asking for advise but there’s no “right” use of an email alias and it mostly depends on your personal use case, and how organized you want to be. An email alias is useful to avoid disclosing your real address, which for me the main reason is avoid spam. Here’s a more detailed example I just came up with:

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So based on what you said (and what i understand xD) i go to plan that direct all emails to one inbox. I’m right ? and thanks a lot for helping much appreciated <3 (no homo, lol)

This is my setup as I prefer having a single mailbox. I also advise my friends who start using alias to use this approach too as this is easier to manage.

well, it sound good so i did it and let’s see if it will fit me or not, so all my signed up services will go to my spam and i will still use aliases for my personal/work emails but i wont use them for signup. It will be easy for me to monitor all my subscription from one place (spam inbox) so yeah i guess i will use this plan i just hope it be the right one! and thanks again :slight_smile:

So based on what you said (and what i understand xD) i go to plan that direct work related to stuff to my work email and direct my personal related stuff to my personal email and so on. I’m right ? and thank you for help

That would be a good approach yeah, give a try and if you are not happy, you can always just shift things around :slight_smile:

with already 81 websites signed up in it wont be easy xD so as i said i went to my other plan and lets test it first but thanks again for help :slight_smile:

I was actually going to sat that in my previous comment but didn’t want to discourage you! :smiley:

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well, good that you did not mention it out! also what exactly you avoided to say ? :joy: i mean which part because i said 2 things in my last comment

Because I said that “you can always shift things around” what I was going to say is, that it may be very time consuming to update all of your aliases for each and every service you’re using… but I thought that would lead you to overthink things too much in order to find a “perfect email structure”. It’s better to get started now and later on change things even if one at the time.

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yup i already overthinking as you see xD