eM Client and Postbox for Mac


any experiences or opinions?

It bugs me that eM Client is packaged as installer instead of .app container, but on paper they look attractive. As for Postbox, it is unclear how alive is development — they seem to be mostly releasing themes.

Currently looking at these two, for Thunderbird just does not work for me.
Mailmate does not seem sustainable (single developer), Canary Mail and Mail are arguable when dealilng with large mail databases, and Canary even does not have default BCC.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Did used it in the past on a Windows machine and was relatively pleased. “Relatively” because it was a temporary setup : I had to use a Windows system for work and so I did not choose to use it myself. But it worked fine for me. Having used Mac in the past I can tell you that the interface of eM client I’ve seen on PC was crap compared to the native apps available on MacOS (Calendar, Contacts, Mail). On Mac I remember for a Calendar event I could just drag and drop where I wanted to move it or CMD+C/CMD+V to quickly copy paste or even change its duration by “making the event bigger” with the mouse. Very easy, quick, just worked… perfect. When I wanted to do similar actions on eM client on windows it was a pain : select the event, go to Menu> Edit>copy, change the view of the calendar to go to an other day, go to Menu>Edit>Paste etc. Compared to when I was on a Mac same action would have required 1 second.

So my advice : I don’t know exactly which email/calendar/contact provider you are planning to use and I don’t know if eM client on Mac is better than the version I knew on PC but why not just choose a privacy respecting provider and just connect it to your native Mac apps (System Preferences > Add an account ) ?