Egypt want to make big server to store all medical data on it

So my country Egypt (yeah my country, that’s why my English bad) want to make a big server for medical data for all hospitals with something like ID in case you visited any hospital or anything so from my side I can say it’s bad because:

  1. They will sell these data (i mean c’mon guys we all know Egypt love money & google will open again in Egypt soon so yeah)
  2. Someone will hack the servers (if you do not know Egypt right, we tried to make same on schools like you can exam on your tablet but guess what ? when students entered the server got DDoS attack so yeah imagine something important like medical data
  3. Developers lazy (i mean they will use third parties APIs so yeah we not know sure what these APIs will do right ?)
    so it will be a very bad idea if they did it like really bad idea 100mil data will be exposed over the world so I hope that they do not do it
    Source(Original, AR): (it’s not from an "official channel in Egypt but I can guarantee it’s the same ad that I saw on TV)

We have that already in Finland. I don’t know if the initial to sell anonymized medical data to researchers passed during our previous goverment, but I think if it did I would have heard more of it. The link should be in English even if the preview for some reason isn’t.

I think that while there are some privacy issues (you don’t always know who is reading your details), it has been an improvement as paper prescriptions aren’t lost anymore and renewing prescriptions is easier without having to call anywhere and the e-prescriptions are also supposed to start working abroad too, at first in Estonia and later elsewhere in the EU.

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no i still have fear, i mean they did same in schools & servers got ddos attack because a lot of students logged in at same time (its weak server) imagine something important like medical data

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