Effort and trolling

Hi All,

Recently, I sent a blog post for the technical explanation of the recent privacy issues.

It was to demonstrate that not all chat applications are the same in terms of privacy due to technical reasons.

Yesterday I sent another, to address the concerns about how a non-profit organization can host millions of video calls without selling or data from a technical perspective.

My posts bring no profit to me, and they are certainly not spam. I wrote them using my knowledge about video conferencing and backend engineering that I acquired through hard work. Today, I got both trolled by a fellow community member, and my post is removed, and I don’t know the reason.

If medium articles are frowned upon in the community, I also write on hackernoon.com, I can publish it there. To me, medium is just a blog platform I don’t have to host. It’s what I write that matters.


First post (not removed):

Second post (Trolled and removed): https://www.reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO/comments/le6dih/how_can_a_nonprofit_organization_afford_to_serve/

Reddit is bad for your privacy and metal health


:smiley: wise words indeed

Issue resolved, uploaded my article on github as a markdown file, and posted again.

The only way to end up the trolling is to ignore the trolls. After your first two replies, that’s when you should’ve moved on. Sad but true.

To provide something useful, maybe you can also publish your article on write.as if you can. Anyone complaining about Medium can be redirected there.


Thank you, I see, you are right. I wish I moved on too. I guess this was one of my tired days.

When we don’t ignore, we get tired very quickly and make mistakes.

Thank you very much for the link, it is really useful, I didn’t know this site,

I got a response from a mod. They removed it again. They said;

  1. I am doing blog promotion (I don’t, I posted a markdown file in a github repository, I could also paste the whole article there, but I think they would still remove it)
  2. I am trying to bypass reddit’s double link detection (I am not, first was a medium article, the second was a github repository)

And these are not cool, and bannable offenses, and “Last warning”.

As I’ve got my last warning, I shall say farewell to you, @LOK_48SEAL , you understood me.

If I’m gone, I’m sure you will look after fellow privacy enthusiasts, as you did for me.

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No offence but as i searched it it was mostly your fault that the post was removed you kept violating rule 3 in r/privacytoolsio “Don’t engage in self promotion” however as i said before the mods and rules different in this forum so i suggest posting in here
edit:it seems i have mistaken his post were deleted even tho he used a file

There was no self-promotion, please read the last message. Anyway, I’m done. I just wanted to be a useful part of this community, it seems like I was on my way to do it given the reactions to my first post, but I got prevented by moderation for unknown and undisclosed reasons. I hope they will find a limitless supply of technical people who are excited about privacy and want to explain how it works at a technical level if they feel the need for them.

Last message I received:

"You seem to be operating under the assumption that we owe you the use of our platforms to increase your traffic analytics. We don’t. Someone needs to make editorial judgements. That role is ours, not the thousands of blog authors seeking to increase their readership numbers.

You might consider creating your own Subreddit to promote your writing, and/or a website with an integrated forum section to also help increasing your click-rates. That way, you can make the editorial judgements whether your articles are worth promoting. I hope that you’re as generous in posting any and all posts in your forums as you seem to be demanding we be to yours."

Putting aside the arrogant tone, this is blatantly wrong.

This is classic bullying tactics:

  1. Repeat same false accusations, ignoring other person’s arguments.

  2. Keep your side of the conversation very easy and repetitive while making other people pay an effort to answer you, draining them out of energy.

I can put them on an FTP site as a pdf file, and they will still delete it, because my FTP site may have “metrics” :slight_smile:

They had every chance to say “we consider github as a blog as well” or “send it as a file and we will keep it there”. They didn’t use these chances. They just kept repeating false accusations. This is not good will.

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Before I go, there is a final thing for people who might read this: this is a honeypot. Stay clear.

Wow, Reddit mods being asses. Shocking, I know.
Like already said, it’s much better to stay off of socials like Reddit. I’ve been a very active redditor for years, until I had enough of power tripping mods, censorship, arbitrary rules, spam, elitism, discrimination, political wars, manipulation…

For this case, I find ironic for these “saviors of the privacy” to use Reddit, which uses all kinds of tracking, keeps and sells your data even after your account deletion, you sign away your moral rights and copyright over what you post in there, and has gone through many scandals due to manipulation of the platform.

If you want peace of mind, stay off the website. You’ll also save a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Consider that most social networks are designed similarly, they fight for your attention and try to keep you engaged for as many hours of the day as possible and mould your behavior towards profitable interests. Many talk about ads as the evil, but very few talk about socials and search engines biasing people to the convenience of their sponsors. It’s not merely making people click banners. They sell control (to an extent).

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Thank you,

It seems like I should do this. I don’t have the time and energy to deal with people who seem to always have enough time and energy to bully others to their enjoyment, hiding behind a nickname. I can write and do more in that time.

I am also concerned about the algorithms and social media platforms steering people towards polarization. As I understand, it works by analyzing user behavior and each time presenting users with more and more extreme content. Implications of this is very concerning, and as you said, it is not getting the attention it needs to get, at least as I see.

Again thank you for your supportive comment,

Many talk about ads as the evil, but very few talk about socials and search engines biasing people to the convenience of their sponsors. It’s not merely making people click banners. They sell control (to an extent).

This topic is increasingly common fortunately. Not too long ago there was a thread about telemetry, which brings up many interesting questions about how it works and what are some of the consequences.

@fcivaner Don’t let this bring you down. You’ll find plenty of road blocks along the way and it’s almost always better to navigate around them. You made your point across the room and even if only a few actually listened to it, then it was worth it.

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I understand, thank you. I am planning to continue to do things when I have the chance, and when I think I have something valuable to say. I appreciate your message. Good to have it heard, wouldn’t want it to be this way. I will work on navigation : )